Saturday, January 25, 2014

Boiled Ripe Plantain Banana

Boiled Plantain Banana

I remembered someone brought a boiled unripe plantain banana in one of the Filipino potlucks last year in Winnemucca which I really liked. The taste was like "Karnaba" in the Philippines. So last Tuesday, I bought 3 pieces for me to try. The color of plantain when unripe is yellow and they are supposed to be ready when they turn black.  I wanted to cook them when they are still yellow.

Since I have not been feeling good lately, I was not able to cook them until they turn brownish but not yet ripe. I still boiled them all the same. And know what, the taste was indeed the same as boiled riped "Karnaba"! I love it! Hubby thought it was weird to boil banana, hehehe! I have only used plantain for Banana Turon.

If you like boiled Karnaba, ripe or unripe, you may want to try this!

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