Monday, September 16, 2013

Plantain Banana Turon

Crispy Banana Plantain Turon

One of the Pinoy foods that I used to miss back home is banana turon made of "karnaba" variety.

Jovy, a Pinay-American who just moved-in to Winnemucca from Las Vegas and who eventually became a friend, taught me to use plantain in lieu of "karnaba". Plantain is a kind of banana that is ready to use when the skin turns darker like blackish, something like that :) When I tried it, it tasted like turon in Pinas!

Since then, I did not miss turon anymore :) As long as I have lumpia wrapper in my freezer and a plantain in the grocery store, I can make banana turon anytime I want.

If you are not in Pinas like me, and you are craving banana turon, go ahead make one out of banana plantain! Just make sure you have a lumpia wrapper, okay?

You have a good one!

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