Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tortang Talong

This was my breakfast yesterday and it was yummy! 

Thank you to my Pinay friend, Mary Rose for the eggplant. I was planning to use it in my fish paksiw but I craved for tortang talong today so I cook it with egg instead. You just grill the eggplant like what I did here in my Eggplant Salad, combine it with 2 beaten eggs, green onion, salt and pepper to taste then fry in a butter or oil. You may want to use white onion instead and may add up diced tomato.

I just bought Filipino eggplants from Seafood City, Sacramento, California last Tuesday and that's what I am going to use for my fish paksiw this week. Sounds like a plan!

Thank you for dropping by at my site. Have a great one!

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