Monday, January 27, 2014

Pork Belly Adobo


I've been cooking a lot like crazy lately. That's most likely to happen when you are a home maker. The problem is, the husband doesn't eat everything I cook because he is not a fan of pork and he is actually not a fan of Filipino foods. It is fine with me though as long as he lets me cook whenever and whatever I want to cook. 

I just love Pork belly. And I buy more than how much I need because the store here in Round Mountain doesn't sell them, even in Winnemucca. I buy them from an Asian Store in Reno. I know it is very fatty but I eat it moderately. I usually cook it with different kinds of vegetable. And it takes me weeks to finish a batch of adobo because I would store it in the freezer and would reheat it when I crave something fatty.

The recipe is here MINUS the sprite.

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