Monday, April 9, 2012

Manila Mango?!

It's mango season here already. It's the best time to make mango float :) That's what I'm gonna do very soon.

In the supermarket this afternoon, below was the price of the mango, that is "each" not per pound. Actually, they're already on sale or discounted because the regular price of which was $1.79/each. Last week, in a different store, the discounted price was 2 for $1. A little bit cheaper. I bought 2 pieces only to try if they are sweet. In fairness, they were sweet and juicy.

Price at Raley's

Manila Mango

Well, the issue here is, why are they called Honey Manila Mango or Mangoes wherein these mangoes are products of Mexico? You may read the labels when you xoom the photo.

I know that there must have an explanation behind this but it's just that, it has caught my attention at some point, hehehe!

Just sharin' :)

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  1. Weird ! hahaha Maybe there's a place called Manila in Mexico ;D

    1. I will search it online sis, hehehe!

  2. ..maybe bad marketing strategies to confuse the consumers? hmm!


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