Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mexican Beef Tostadas and Sauces

Nope I did not make them, my Mexican friend Josefina did. I had them last week (for the nth time since we moved back to Round Mountain) and as usual, they were excellent!

Every time Josefina and her husband invite me and hubby for dinner,  we will not eat the whole day until dinner time, hahaha! That's how we love Josefina's Tostadas.

Just sharing! Thank you for dropping by at my site. Have a good one!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pork Adobo

It was my first time to cook pork belly adobo because I've been using the  non-fatty cut of the meat when I make pork adobo. It turned out really good!

Pork belly is very fatty so make sure to eat this dish moderately, otherwise, hypertension will arise and will make you sick. 

The ingredients are Pork belly cut into desired size, garlic, vinegar, soy sauce, water, and, lots of whole pepper corn. Mix them together. Cook in a moderate fire, when it boils, turn to low fire until the meat is tender. 

Thank you! Have a good one!

Paksiw Na Pirit o Tulingan

This viand is very common and just plain for others, but for me, being away from my homeland, it is like heaven already. 

I got the fish from MelVicky International  store in Reno for $2.99 per pack (4 pcs/pack). I usually make a paksiw out of it because I can just reheat it whenever I crave for a fish dish. 


Pirit/Tulingan fish or any kind of fish
Whole peppercorn
Eggplant/bitter melon-optional
Salt and pepper


Wash and drain the fish thoroughly. Arrange in a pot. Put vinegar, garlic , ginger and whole peppercorn.  I used 1/2 cup of vinegar for 4 (small size) fish. Put salt and pepper to taste. Cook in a medium heat until it boils then turn the heat down for like 10 minutes or until the fish is cooked. Top it with eggplant or bitter melon if desired, 5 minutes before you turn off the fire. Make sure to salt the veggies when added. 

Thank you for dropping by! Have a good one!