Thursday, January 23, 2014

Suka Pinakurat

My Pinay friend asked me to buy 2 bottles of suka pinakurat when hubby and I went to Seafoods city in Sacramento, California last week. I was curious how it looks like but a little bit disapppointed when the store had it out of stock. Apparently, suka pinakurat are sold like a hotcake!

Because I really wanted to see this suka, though I can Google it myself, we made a side trip to Melvicky International Store in Reno to check if they have it, and thank God they had 3 bottles left! And I was like, "Wow, $3.25 per bottle?!" The bottle is junior size only. I was really shocked! Then I thought, "Hmm... no wonder it is called Suka Pinakurat, hahaha!" Pinakurat is a Bisaya word from the root word "Kurat" which means, "astonish, shock, surprise" something like that, hehehe! 

I got a bottle because my friend wanted 2 so I tried it right away and I was "nakuratan" because it tasted not really good as I thought, not as good as Spiced Coconut (Tuba) Vinegar which only cost $2.99 for a senior size bottle. Please refer to the photo below.

I don't think I am going to get crazy about this Suka Pinakurat like my friend, hehehe! It is good but not really really good. It is overpriced. 

Thank you for dropping by. You have a good one!

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  1. hahaha, makatawa man ko nimo Day oi... nakuratan man sad ko sa price, 2.99 ra baya na sa fallon Asian store. I'm going to try your suka too, it might better than pinakurat. Thank you again!!!


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