Friday, December 27, 2013

Paksiw Na Lagao

Thanks to the husband for pushing me to cook paksiw in the house. I always use my barbecue grill with an extension stove when I cook Filipino foods in Winnemucca but we did not bring it here in Round Mountain with us. 

After I cooked rice with bagoong last month, I was like hesitant to cook Filipino food already because I had to light scented candles afterwards until the foul odor is gone and I had to open the windows to let the air out.

But hubby said it is ok because he wants me to be happy and full.

So I did cook the paksiw but had to do the lighting of scented candles and opening the window which made me shiver because of the cold air coming in. Brr! 

Thanks for dropping by! 

You have a great one!

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