Sunday, November 24, 2013

Spiced Tuba Vinegar

Spiced Tuba Vinegar- Photos are owned by the author

Meet my new addition to my vinegar family in my pantry. I bought this from the new Filipino Store in Reno, NV. I went crazy when I saw it, hehehe!

By judging the photo, it looks like it is very very spicy to the highest level, but no, it is mild only, trust me! I even eat the "meat" of the hot pepper and it is not really that spicy at all.  Just make sure to only put a little salt or patis because it is a little salty already.

If you are missing tuba vinegar from your neighbor's sari2x store back home, look for this from any Asian store to try.

Just sharing. Thanks for dropping by. You have a wonderful day!

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