Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Just Baked M&M's Cookies :)

I was looking for something in the pantry this morning when I saw this gift jar cookies  in the corner. It's been sitting there for two months. I thought it's about time to use them. And I know hubby would love to have them in his baon bag.

 As you can see through the glass, the ingredients are: Oatmeal, brown sugar, raisins, M&M candies, pecan nuts and flour. According to hubby, there is also baking powder inside. And when I pour them into a bowl, I smelled cinnamon powder.

 That's the directions, also stating the additional ingredients.

 After following the directions, my two cookie sheets were filled. 
I put them in the oven altogether.

The first cookie sheet. Almost burned. Almost.

 The second cookie sheet. Perfect. But they stuck with each other
because there is no enough space for all of them.

The whole gift jar has yielded two dozens of colorful cookies. And I shared the half to my Filipino friends. They said that they were good and that they liked them.

I hope hubby liked them too. I would ask him when he gets home tonight :)

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