Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ginataang Tahong- Thai Style

I had yummy dinner tonight with my Filipino friends. We had rice noodles (bihon), fried pampano fish and ginataang tahong and of course, rice. We also had fruits like Pomelo and Mango. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the singkamas with salt :)

Anyway, I would like to share my the recipe of the Ginataang Tahong- Thai Style which I got from the internet. It's really good.

Frozen tahong

Tahong or Mussels can be bought fresh or frozen here in US. I prefer to buy the frozen (half shell) ones because they have good quality and they are meaty.

You will need:

1 box frozen mussels (2 lbs)
1 can coconut milk
3 tbsp canola oil or olive oil
1 thumb size ginger
2 serrano pepper
2 cloves garlic
2 stalks green onion
2 stalks lemon grass, sliced into 1-inch long
1 chicken cube


1. Heat a large pan and add oil.
2. Saute ginger and after 1min add garlic, lemon grass and stir for 1min or until garlic is slightly golden brown.
3. Add mussels, cocomilk, ground pepper, serrano peppers and chicken cube.
4. Simmer until mussels are cooked, stirring occasionally.
5. Add green onion for garnishing and serve.

As you can see in the photo, there is no green onion garnished because I did not have one in my kitchen, maybe next time. Then I would change the photo :)

Try this recipe, I'm sure you'll like it.

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  1. nice recipe, Bechay! I'd like to try this one of these days. :)


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