Saturday, October 24, 2015

Camote Tops Salad

My family and I together with another Filipina friend traveled to Stockton, California and on our way home, we dropped by at the Seafoods City in Sacramento. We had lunch at Chowking, bought some mamons from Red Ribbon, done some grocery and produce shopping, and had a take out from Jollibee. 

I bought a bunch of camote tops, at first I had second thoughts because it says in the sign, "yam tops", a lady said that camote or sweet potato and yam are kinda the same.

I made a Filipino salad out of the bunch and it was heaven! I regretted why I only grabbed 1 bunch. I saved 3 stems though and put them in a glass with water and they already have leaves. I wish it was summer already so that I could plant them outside. 

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pre-seasoned Rotisserie Chicken

It was my last day off today and I just lazed around, doing nothing. I wanted an easy meal for dinner so I thawed a pre- seasoned (lemon and pepper) whole chicken from Gold N Plump and put onto rotisserie bar.

My son was very excited. I was excited myself too. We haven't had rotisserie chicken for quite some time now. After 2 hours, the chicken was done. Look at the unedited photo, it looks yummy, yeah?  

But the sad truth is, after I have tasted it... you know the saying, "Beauty is only skin deep"? Yep, that's how it turned out. It's salty and no lemony and peppery taste at all. Right now, I am thinking what is the best way to use it. Maybe I would make chicken caesar salad tomorrow for lunch.

Next time, I would make my own rotisserie rub  and I hope it is going to be good if not perfect.

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Perfect Biko Recipe


1 1/2 cups sticky rice/ malagkit
1/2 cup regular rice
2 packs frozen coconut milk
1 cup moscovado sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar

Cook the sticky rice and regular rice together in a rice cooker. Heat the coconut milk until water is almost gone and only cream is left. Add the muscuvado sugar, stir continously until completely mixed, then add the brown sugar.

Continue stirring until it becomes sticky. Take a half cup of the coconut brown sugar mix then add cooked rice thoroughly. Place in a pan, top with the coconut milk/sugar mix, 
bake for 45 mins in 325 degrees heat. 


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tuna Kinilaw Pinoy Style in USA

To all Filipinos in United States, have you guys ever tried fish kinilaw using the frozen yellow fin tuna? If you have never tried it yet, I suggest you should. It is really really good, it tastes like kinilaw back home!

I bought mine from the store where I work for $7.99 per pound, it came in into steak size, packed and frozen. My boss said that it is a product of Srilanka and it is packed right after it got caught from the ocean so technically they are fresh. Had it came from China, oh boy, I wouldn't even take a second look.

I had craving for kinilaw so I tried a couple of steak/package and it was a hit! My son and daughter liked it! My Pinay friends enjoyed it too! The only lacking spice was the siling labuyo. A Thai chili will do as well but we did not have it so I used the Serrano pepper instead which was not bad. Next time, I will make sure we have siling labuyo from an Asian store to make a perfect kinilaw.

I used lime, lemon, Serrano pepper, (not pictured), ginger, red onions and salt. I put a little salt in the fish, a tablespoon of vinegar and toss them lightly then give it a light squeeze. Put the fish aside. Then combine the rest of the ingredients and salt according to taste. It really depend upon how you make your own kinilaw. And you may also add cucumber and other stuff if you wish.

I hope this post helps those who miss Kinilaw back home. Trust me, it's really good!

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