Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Shifted to Brown Rice

Calrose Rice (my stepson recommends this brand)

The grains

cooked rice

I am a rice eater. If I can't eat rice in a day, I'm going nuts.  It was my friend Emy who influenced me to shift from white rice to brown rice for health reasons. She said that 2 cups of brown rice is equivalent to 1 cup of white rice. So I decided to try brown rice so that I could eat more :)

The first time I have tried it, I thought I was eating a leftover and overcooked corn on a cob, something like that. Yep, it has a weird taste and texture but after eating it 3 days in a row, I have started to like it already. 

But you have to cook this kind of rice a bit longer than white rice.  And it needs more water. And a dash of salt because it is too bland. And I almost forgot to mention, it is kinda pricey compared to white rice.

Here's how I cook mine using my rice cooker.
3 cups of rinsed brown rice
6 cups of water

My rice cooker has options for white or brown rice  so I press "brown rice" then wait until it beeps which means, it's already done. But it takes more or less an hour to cook this kind of rice so be sure to cook it ahead of time.

Wanna try brown rice?

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